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Face Masks for Staff?

I’ve been asked to order face masks for staff in preparation for schools reopening. I have no idea what type of mask would be most suitable and which suppliers are reputable and reliable. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I’m also wondering if it’s a waste of time (and money) having staff wearing masks if we’re not asking children to wear them too?


Thanks for your question Gemma. Given your location and setting, this might help: It makes reference to this document: PPE op guidance updates 130420.pdf.

These documents raise a few interesting issues for the school, including:

  1. Whether PPE is necessary at all - it gives a risk assessment procedure but it is heavily focussed on clinical care, not education
  2. It suggests NYCC will procure PPE for the service areas that require it - that should include schools if PPE is considered necessary in schools
  3. The amount of PPE will be significantly affected by the movements around the school, and that might mean changing some working habits. Essentially, PPE may need to be removed and disposed and new PPE put on if a teacher leaves the classroom - for example to go to the staff room.

I hope this helps.